Isaan ranks in CNN top world destinations

US news network CNN has chosen Isaan, Thailand’s Northeastern region, as one of the world’s top 17 destinations in 2017.

“Isaan has a long history, with some of Southeast Asia’s oldest settlements found here. In modern times, the region is famous for its fiery salad, country music, stunning scenery and elaborate temples.” This is what governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Yuthasak Supasorn describes the Northern Region of Thailand, Isaan; one of the 5 natural regions of the country. He continues by explaining that there is much more to be enjoyed and most are unseen by tourists.

His description and explanation is supported by CNN ranking the region as one of the top destinations of the world. Joining CNN’s list are Penang in Malaysia, Colombia, Bordeaux in France, Bhutan, Albania and Senegal. This CNN top destination list was put together by travel experts and international reporters.