PinoyThaiyo online will run a series of articles in preparation for the Coronation of His Majesty King Rama X.

The Treasury Department revealed on Wednesday commemorative coins will be produced to mark His Majesty King Rama X’s coronation.

Treasury Department Director General Amnuay Preemonwong announced that 200 platinum coins has already been reserved. Each coin will be sold for one million baht each.

The coins will be available for advanced purchase through the Treasury Department’s counters from April 4 to May 10. Coins will be available for pick starting 1st of June.

Three types of souvenir coins with no engraved values will be produced in limited quantities. 1,000 coins worth 1 million baht each will be minted, as well as 100,000 pieces of blackened and sandblasted silver coins worth 5,000 baht each, 100,000 of blackened and sandblasted copper coins worth 3,000 baht each.

Three types of coins with engraved values will be produced. 50,000 coins with engraved values of 19,000 baht will be sold for 40,000 each; 100,000 silver coins with 1,000 baht engraved value will be sold for 3,000 baht each; and 5 million pieces of cupronickel coins with engraved value of 20 baht will be sold for 20 baht each.

The Treasury Department will also produce 500,000 sets of medals (metal coins attached to a yellow and white striped ribbons worth 1,600 baht each.

Source: Bangkok Post, Thaiger