Bangkok hosts free concerts, cultural shows from May 22-28

The Royal Thai Government is holding the week-long cultural performances in Bangkok and the other 76 provinces from May 22-28, 2019 to celebrate the Coronation of King Rama X, announced Thai Public Relations Department.

A cultural festival at Sanam Luang will feature musical plays, orchestra concerts, traditional Thai dances, puppet theatres, and shadow plays hailing from the south – and more, said Khaosod English.

A light and sound show about the Chao Phraya River will run every night from 9.30pm to 11pm. A market selling Thai cuisines and desserts will also occupy the festival grounds, with Thai cooking tutorials to be held.

To enter Sanam Luang, members of the public and tourists must pass through security checkpoints either in front of the Supreme Court or at Thammasat University. The historic field is open from 4pm onwards.

On May 27, there will be an international performance festival in honour of the King. The Bayanihan, The National Dance Company of the Philippines along with other ASEAN countries, Japan, Korea and China are also joining the celebration.

Sources: Khaosod, PR Thai, Bangkok Post