Cover yourself or help a friend

Video: Cover yourself or help your friend?

The video is about two friends with the aim of getting something on top of the roof. One guy is boosting his friend up to reach the top. Suddenly, this guy uncovers himself because of the loose towel supposedly wrapped tightly around him. Then the unfortunate incident happens.

Kung ikaw ang nasa sitwasyon..Sino ang pipiliin mong mahuhulog…Ang twalya o ang matalik mong kaibigan??Watch this..HAHAHAHA!!

Posted by Bahay Kubo Nakatira ang Wafu on Friday, December 5, 2014

Indeed, life has many situations where it is harder to make decisions. The video reminds us that we naturally think of ourselves first before helping others.

What will do if you are in the same situation? Will you help your friend or cover yourself? 🙂