Angel Manalo appeals for help

Iglesia Ni Cristo’s Manalo family reveal threats, ask for help

The family and founding members of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) led by matriarch Tenny Manalo appealed for help in a nearly two-minute video posted on Youtube on Wednesday evening July 22. The widow of former INC Executive Minister Eraño Manalo together with her son Angel sought the help of church members revealing threats and fear for their lives allegedly orchestrated by corrupt and abusive leaders in the church.

In an agitated voice, Angel appeared at the beginning of the video asking for help and protection from their church members. Angel is the younger brother of INC’s Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo. A recorded audio allegedly from his mother Tenny appealing for protection and prayers is also in the video which was uploaded by a certain David Romero.

Tenny mentioned that their lives are in danger especially Angel, Lottie, and their companions. Her appeal also sheds light on what is happening in the ranks of the church particularly the “Sanggunian” or Church Council and the brewing social media attacks. According to her, some ministers were abducted and nowhere to be found.

Tenny is the widow of Eraño “Ka Erdy” Manalo who was INC’s Executive Minister for 46 years. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Eduardo, who was also mentioned by Tenny in the audio recording.

“At sa aking anak na si Eduardo, sana makausap kita…”, said Tenny. (“And to my son, Eduardo, I wish I could talk to you”).


In a blog maintained by certain Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista, the abduction of the ministers is believed to be from the ‘corrupt and abusive higher ranks’ in the church. The abducted ministers which came from different parts of the Philippines are said to be exposing “evil plans” by some church officials. Their families are directed to be silent.

Antonio also elaborately laid out the “morbid plan” which allegedly ordered by no other than the wife of the current Executive Minister, Babylyn Ventura Manalo.
According to the blog, the group’s plans are a follows:

They will carry out a smear campaign against our very dear Bro. Erdy’s family members. They will disseminate malicious and false information about Ka Erdy’s family. They will utilize the district ministers, resident ministers and officers in each congregation in this information drive. Their goal is to ruin the credibility and assassinate the character of Ka Erdy’s family members, in hopes that this will bring confusion to all the church members and they will struggle to know which, what and who to believe.

Once they believe that they have effectively forced upon the entire Church this extreme chaos and confusion, they will abduct all the children and grandchildren of Ka Erdy. They will take them to a heavily guarded and undisclosed remote place that is now in the process of being prepared, and then leave Ka Erdy’s family to starve, to get sick and eventually, to die.
During that period of time, they foresee that no church member will look for and help Ka Erdy’s family because of the confusion and the bad reputation that Babylyn and the Sanggunian would have caused upon the family members.

Once they have succeeded in their morbid plans, they will carry out the last phase of their evil scheme – the changing of guards in the church. A new executive minister. A new church administration.

After the video appeal by Angel Manalo spread online, some members of the church call for the believers to gather and make a peaceful vigil at the back of the church main and central office along Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

“Magsadya at Magkita-kita po tayo sa central ngayong gabi para po sa Peaceful Vigil (sa Likod ng Central along T.Sora) “

Some changed their Facebook profile image to show support to the missing ministers.

prayers for missing INC members

But many also believed that this is only a smear campaign against Eduardo Manalo. Some members also insinuated that Mr. Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista is the same Angel Manalo who tries to overthrow his elder brother’s leadership in the church.

poem for antonio ebanghelista

July 27, 2015 has been declared by Philippine President Noynoy Aquino as a nationwide working holiday in commemoration of the founding anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC).

Sources:, David Romero





4 responses to “Iglesia Ni Cristo’s Manalo family reveal threats, ask for help”

  1. May Weather Avatar
    May Weather

    Gising na mga Kapatid! punta na tayo lahat sa Central! inihayag na ng ama. Malamang binantaan din ng sanggunihan ang Ka Eduardo kaya hindi makagalaw at makapagsalita. Protektahan natin ang Iglesia sa mga linagay ng diablo (Glicerio Santos,Radel Cortez,atbp), ilapit natin si Ka Eduardo sa kanyang ina, humingi tayo ng protection sa gobyerno. Sabay sabay tayong pumunta sa Central at ipakita sa Ka Eduardo na hindi natin lalabanan ang Administration pero buong buhay nating ipaglalaban ang Iglesia ni Cristo, gabayan at banatayn natin ang Ka Eduardo hanggang makalapit sa kanyang ina, ipaglaban natin na dalhin ang pamilya ng yumaong Ka Erdie sa lugar na protectado ng mga tutuong kapatid sa Iglesia, iligtas natin sila ngayon!

  2. Kay Ka Tenny ako Avatar
    Kay Ka Tenny ako

    Efeso 6:2

  3. LeseW Avatar

    Amen! to you May Weather.

    According to one member who posted in another site, Erdy Manalo mentioned to the members that there will be struggle inside the church.

    So this is what i wrote to him:

    if Erdy Manalo said that to the members, he knows perfectly then that his bloodline will be eliminated slowly. Hi son Edwardo also has health problems? is that correct? And they have to expel his brothers, sister and mother?
    This must be alarming to members…

    Edwardo should be surrounded by his blood relatives
    only when it comes to work. This is
    a Church where they have to protect the hard work of
    their grandfather or great grandfather, who was
    chosen with a purpose to carry on a mission. Any
    good running organization who does that, excelled for
    hundreds of years, until bloodline slowly
    disappeared. When a person was chosen by God, his
    children and to his great great grandchildren, will be blessed.

    God do not choose the one with super human
    intelligence to argue with Him, but He choose the one
    who will carry on a mission for Him. Read the Bible
    and your Pasugo magazines, it is all there.


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