20year visa siam capital group

Siam Capital Group introduces 20-year visa program

Do you plan on staying in Thailand for a long time — perhaps 20 years?

Siam Capital Group is inviting a few select invited guests at Bangkok’s most exclusive club for the presentation of its newest long stay visa program on Tuesday, July 28, at the Two Pacific Place in Bangkok.

The presentation introduces the first affordable residential visa and property solution — the much coveted 20-year visa program open to all nationalities with the opportunity of owning a property in the Kingdom of Thailand. It is a project being pioneered by Siam Capital Group, a company that has a proven record of running long stay visa programs fully supported by Thai government since 2003. All other details will be unveiled during the presentation expected to be attended by businessmen and high society individuals.

For more information and to receive an invitation to this exclusive event, you may contact Mr. Marciano Birjmohun at mobile number 087-530-2528 or through email at marciano@siamcapitalgroup.com.

Below is the poster for the said exclusive event.

20year visa Siam Capital Group





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