American boys secretly caught up in ‘kilig’ moments on AlDub duo

So how do you guys manage to watch AlDub without compromising your manly stature? Though, some still want to hide that tickling feeling and pretending that they are not affected, funny how they think how these ‘kilig’ moments would take away their dignity when expressed.

These Visayan-speaking Americans at ‘Hey Joe Show’ has nailed down some ways on how guys secretly admire and watch the AlDub love team of Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye.

It’s amusing how boys find ways to privately watch AlDub and concede to that ‘kilig’ feeling and eventually were caught in the act anyways.

The video is in Visayan dialect but you will most likely understand it. Which guy are you in the video?

Guys, do you still feel awkward being amused and titillated from watching AlDub? Come on. Let it go!

Source: Hey Joe Show





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