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65-year old grandma is the latest ‘laglag bala’ victim at NAIA

Buhay OFW

65-year old grandma is the latest ‘laglag bala’ victim at NAIA

A 65-year old grandmother from Cavite was the latest victim of ‘laglag bala’ modus operandi at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Mrs. Nimfa Fontamillas was supposed to watch her grandson’s football game in Singapore when she and her daughter were held for questioning after a live .9mm bullet was found in her shoulder bag Sunday morning.

Mrs. Fontamillas and her daughter Menchie Tan were set to board a Tiger Air flight for Singapore on Sunday when they were held for questioning at 5:34 am at the final security check, Interaksyon.com said in a news report.

The police said that “at the final security check, Fontamillas was asked by X-ray screener Ronillo Salanga, under the Office of Transportation Security (OTS), to view the X-ray monitor where an image of a bullet appeared.”

Mrs. Fontamillas became emotional and threw her bag away from the inspection table and allegedly said, “you are not just a planter but a magician too”.

The report added that “her daughter Tan then said their lawyer Atty Clint Estandarte will represent them in court proceedings. The bag was left untouched, and no one was allowed to touch or to examine it until the passenger’s lawyer arrived.”

At around 11:15am, Atty Estandarte arrived at the scene and was asked to open the shoulder bag in the presence of OTS, PNP and Mrs. Fontamillas and her daughter Menchie, quoting an incident report.

“Estandarte said that the main zipper of the bag had a padlock while the side pocket zipper was sealed.”

The lawyer then “asked Fontamillas to unlock the padlock so they can remove the things inside. The emptied bag was then made to pass through X-ray again, but the image of a bullet remained inside the bag.”

A cutter was used to remove the zipper and that’s where a .9mm bullet was found inside the side pocket.

Meanwhile, Estandarte said that he cannot give any information regarding Fontamillas’ situation, but said she will be definitely bailed out as the PNP-ASG was set to inquest her at the Pasay City’s Prosecutor’s Office.

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