Police warns public of social media posts with alcohol, nudity and indecent acts

The Royal Thai Police warned the public on Wednesday, April 10 to refrain from posting on social media platforms that contain lewd acts, nudity, and alcohol consumption during the Songkran holidays.

According to Spokesman and deputy commander of the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) Siriwat Deepor, “those posting or sharing content showing those wearing sexually illicit clothing could be charged under the Computer Crimes Act and could face a jail term or five years or a fine of 100,000 baht or both.”

Meanwhile those caught on photos or videos performing an indecent act in public could be fined 500 baht as per Criminal Code. Under the Alcholic Beverage Act, those posting online inviting anyone to drink alcohol could be fined 500,000 baht or a jail term of one year.

TCSD commander Pol Maj-General Paiboon Noihoon said that officers will be closely monitoring the internet especially the social media platforms, “be warned that TCSD officers will be able to trace back posts back to the authors to face prosecutions, and the suspects cannot claim to not know the law or their action’s consequences or not having an illegal intention.”

Source: Channel News Asia