Survey reveals child abuse in all forms unacceptable

A huge majority of people say abuse and maltreatment of children at schools is unacceptable and everyone should work together to prevent it, according to the result of a survey by the Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll was conducted online Sept 29-Oct 2 on 1,896 people thoughout the country to compile their opinions on the reported abuse and maltreatment of children in the kindergarten and primary school levels in Nonthaburi and Bangkok.

A majority of respondents, 78.90%, said they had no direct experience of “violence in classrooms” by teachers, while 21.10% said they did.

Such acts of violence included beating with a ruler, a stick and a blackboard eraser, pinching, make loud noises and keeping children in isolation.

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