State of emergency ends in Bangkok


State of emergency ends in Bangkok

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has revoked his state of severe emergency declaration in Bangkok, and related orders, effective from noon on Thursday, saying the violence that prompted it is over.

The announcement was published in the Royal Gazette.

It said the state of emergency declarations were issued on Oct 15 and 16 to stop offences against the royal institution and unrest. The declarations had been set to be valid until Nov 13.

On Thursday Gen Prayut said that the violent situation had ended and government officials were able to enforce relevant laws to solve problems.

Therefore, he had revoked the state of emergency declarations and related announcements, requirements and orders, effective from noon.

On Wednesday night, the prime minister said in a TV Pool address  that everyone should take a step back in the conflict between the government and the anti-government movement.

He offered to lift the state of emergency, and asked that his opponents to reciprocate by toning down their hateful and divisive speeches.

“I will make the first move to de-escalate this situation. I am currently preparing to lift the state of severe emergency in Bangkok and will do so promptly if there are no violent incidents,” he said on Wednesday night.

“I ask the protesters to reciprocate with sincerity, to turn down the volume on hateful and divisive talk,” he said.

He also said that demonstrators should let members of the parliament, who represent the whole population, discuss the political problems and solutions.

However, demonstrators on Wednesday night again demanded that Gen Prayut resign from office within three days and ignored his suggestion of relying on the parliamentary process.

This article is taken from Bangkok Post

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