Thailand has world’s fastest broadband connection

Broadband connections in Thailand are the fastest in the world with broadband speeds averaging at 308.35 megabits per second (mbps), overtaking...

Gling Gring lets you call 6 baht/min anywhere in the Philippines

Call your loved ones anywhere in the Philippines from Thailand for only 6 baht per minute by using GlingGring Application.

PAL Bangkok special flights on February 3, 10, 17 & 24

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Direct Hotline to the Prime Minister

He stated that the Government would establish a committee to monitor the operations of public officials with regard to their involvement...

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The Art of Giving Yourself Away

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Hebrews 13:16...

Three lessons from the story of Peter walking on water

What lessons can we deduce from the famous story of Peter walking on the water to understand more of God's salvation?

Our good deeds may lead to our eternal loss. Here’s why…

If our answers to these two questions are all positive then we can be sure that our good deeds do not...

10-30 minutes a day to make it right

Remember that by constantly beholding someone or something, it will change us. There's no danger in beholding Christ.

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PAL Bangkok special flights on February 3, 10, 17 & 24

For easy booking, please add pinoythaiyo on LINE: pinoythaiyo. Email or visit website

5-star Anantara Vacation Club gives special promo packages for PinoyThaiyo readers and followers

Anantara is one of the leading luxury hotel and resort chains in Thailand and around the world.

Schedule of PAL Bangkok-Manila flights in January 2021

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Thailand now offers ‘Special Tourist Visa’ to visitors from around the world

The 14-day mandatory quarantine remains in place to ensure safety and health for all

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Successful Filipino owner of furniture and wood factory in Thailand

In just nine years, a Filipino, Andrew de Jesus, has carved a name for a Thai furniture and wood factory that...

Owner of Thailand’s CP Group named 21st richest family in the world

The Chearavanont family, which still holds the top spot in Thailand, owns assets worth US$30.7 billion (Bt958 billion). The Chearavanont empire...

How can OFWs open an OFBank account online?

The Filipino Overseas Filipino Bank - OFBank was launched June 29. OFBank is the first digital-only, branchless Philippine bank.

Is South Asia ready to embrace a cashless life?

While southeast Asia may not be quite ready to go fully cashless, it’s moving in the right direction and closer than...

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How Tos

GUIDE: How to apply for 90-day reporting online

Here are videos of our kababayan who have successfully tried applying for the 90-day extension online.

Requirements in getting or renewing your Thai driving license

Here are steps I took to have it renewed and got my new five-year professional driving license.

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