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Singapore proposed Fake News Law feared to stifle free speech

The new Bill to Protect Society from Online Falsehoods and Malicious Actors has its first reading on Monday in Singapore. According to the Ministry of Law, “the Bill seeks to protect society against damage from online falsehoods created by malicious actors. Such online falsehoods have had serious consequences. They are being used to divide society,… Read more »


Look how powerful internet has grown in 2019. The numbers are so enormous that the infographic can only show one minute time scale. The numbers are on an epic scale. Here are a few key numbers to show what internet looks like in 60 seconds: 188,000,000 emails sent !!!!! 4,500,000 Youtube videos viewed 390,000 apps… Read more »

Solar System’s “Twin” System

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed a surprising new system of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting around a single star, 40 light years away, and three of which are likely to be habitable.