Secretary Martin Andanar meets with Thai, Filipino and foreign media in Thailand

Secretary Martin Andanar of Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) met with Thai, Filipino and foreign media based in Thailand on Saturday, December 1, 2018 in central Bangkok.

About 20 local and foreign news reporters and correspondents from BBC, The Guardian, Bangkok Post Financial Times, People’s Daily, Spring News, Fuji Television Network and Japan’s daily Asahi Shimbun joined in the meeting. PinoyThaiyo, and Siam Living, a counterpart of Manila Up were the only Filipino media groups present.

The meeting was a fellowship among journalists who have been covering events happening in the Philippines. The most prominent media personality present  was Jonathan Head, BBC correspondent and former president of Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT).

One of the objectives of the meeting was the introduction of the Office of the Global Media and International Affairs. It is a newly formed office under PCOO headed by JV Arcena.

After the meeting which took place in Baan Glow Gig restaurant for almost three hours, Andanar and his team went to another meeting with DDS Thailand, President Rody Duterte’s supporters in the kingdom.