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5 Simple Health Tips to Consider While Staying in Thailand

Congratulations for choosing Thailand as your travel destination this year. Thailand is one of the best places in the Southeast Asian region for tourists. It is probably one of the best places to find beautiful cities or beaches to spend your vacation outside your home country.

Thailand is surrounded by most of the South East Asian nations: Laos in the North East, Myanmar in the West, Vietnam and Cambodia in the East, and Malaysia and Singapore in the far South which makes it the best stop over if you are travelling around Southeast Asia. It’s inhabited by more than 67 million people including foreigners from different countries like the Philippines.

If you are planning to visit Thailand, you may as well consider these five (5) simple tips on how to stay  healthy while staying in Thailand, or traveling around.

Avoid Carcinogens

The rate of cancer victims is rising fast in the past years and one reason why people get cancer is through drinking and smoking. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is never absent on the list of carcinogens,  substances that can cause cancer.

You will, probably hangout with friends or strangers for days, weeks, or months and you might engage in smoking and drinking. Take note that too much drinking alcohol helps develop cancer cells.

To avoid the risk of developing any diseases, abstain from smoking and drinking and taking other carcinogenic substances while you travel.

Be Careful Of Street Foods

Street foods are amazingly delicious and tempting. Food vendors abound in almost every street in Thailand. If you can’t find vendors selling variety of street foods, you are probably not in Thailand. Thai foods are really appetizing and savory and you can just find them sold on the streets, however you have to make wise choices by considering good hygienic practices of the vendors if ever you decide to pig out.

Eating foods sold on the streets  is sometimes risky as they are left uncovered for hours and are exposed to dirt, dust, and trail of bacteria left by flies that can contaminate the food. However, there are many street food stalls that are clean and tidy and the food are safe to eat. As a stranger to this country, you have to take care of your health as your system may not be able to adapt immediately to this kind of  food.

Enjoy Nightlife With Precautions

Looking for  nightlife? You are in the right place! Nightlife in Thailand is electrifying and is probably one of the most favorite activities tourists want to experience when they arrive in Thailand. Bars, resto-bars, pubs, and clubs are found everywhere not only in Bangkok but also in other cities. These are the places people go to socialize with fellow foreigners and even meet some locals to hang out with.

Enjoying Thailand’s nightlife is not bad but if you are concerned with your health you might as well avoid nightlife,  instead stay in the places where you could enjoy nature and its beauties. You travel to enjoy not to get sick or develop disease.

Avail of Gyms On The Go

I can see a lot of mini street gyms and public parks in Thailand and if you go to the gym regularly, coming to Thailand would never stop you from doing what you already have been doing. Public parks and street gyms are found in many places in Thailand. If you do regular jogging in the morning or before dusk, you can go to public park to continue your normal jogging activity and physical exercises. For example, there is this vast expanse of Morchit park  near Morchit BTS station and Chatuchak Market where you can go jogging, cycling or just do exercise.

If public parks are not available in your area, mini street gyms are probably visible nearby. You can also see fitness equipment along the streets for people to do exercise. They are usually found near schools or offices. You just need to check them out.

Avoid Getting AIDS/HIV

Aids is everywhere and Thailand is not exempted to it. We cannot deny the fact that there are some people out there who are coming to Thailand to find sex partner or maybe just to look for some good time and experience with the locals.

You may ask yourself, “What if I got AIDS  in Thailand?” ( What would you do? Always remember, prevention is better than cure. Always protect yourself from this disease. AIDS/HIV can be acquired not only from having sex with an AIDS/HIV patient but also from blood transfusion or from needles used in tattoo painting.

You probably like tattoos and want to get one designed on your body. Well, think a million times first before doing it as you might catch AIDS/HIV.

1 Corinthians 6:19 says that our body is the temple of God and it is a sin to destroy our own body by neglecting the rules of good health. Stay fit and healthy and you will definitely enjoy your vacation in Thailand. Have fun and live a healthy life!