Alin Cargo loading schedule in January 2022

Here’s Alin Cargo Express Thailand loading schedule in January 2022 for your Balikbayan and commercial shipments to the Philippines via Manila Port.

Free pick-up in Central Bangkok. All packages are fully insured.

Below is the estimated time of delivery (ETD) via Manila Port for each destination area from the sailing date.

Manila/Luzon : within 14-18 days, 20 days max

Visayas / Mindanao : within 25-35 days, 45 days max

In case of changes, updates will be posted on Alin Cargo Express Thailand Facebook page. 

For any shipping inquiry, rates, quotations, pick-up bookings or empty box delivery requests, you may reach us through our Facebook Page’s messenger, click this link to connect with ALIN: or call at 02-037-4899.