Asiatique | Another Perspective

Ever had some friends visiting from abroad and was wondering where to bring them? Asiatique would be one of the places I would recommend. It is accessible through water and land. If your visitors want to experience using Thailand’s river taxis, then this could be their chance. To find out how to get there, please visit their website.

Asiatique’s Ferris wheel can be seen when driving from the nearby highway.

Asiatique is a port that was created around 1884, under the reign of King Rama V. This port became an influence in the modernization of today’s Thailand. You can read more about its history from their website.

The best time to visit this place is during the weekend. There is more going on. During the week it is not so busy but there are several restaurants that are still open though.

Crocodile anyone?
Exploring Asiatique in a French Perspective | MarVentures Vlog #4