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Bangkok Expat Life: What every expat should know to live fully in the Land of Smile

Are you an expat living in Bangkok or still planning to move to Thailand? You are not alone as will teach you all you need to know about Thailand including living a successful life and what to expect when you eventually move to this wonderful country.

Mayank “Manny” Kukreja is the founder of a website designed for expats living in Bangkok. His amazing experiences living in Bangkok has inspired him to create the website to help other expats to also live with ease and comfort in the Land of Smile.

“Bangkok is the first city I chose to stay as an expat and to this day it still amazes me. When I first came to Bangkok, I didn’t know anyone, neither I had friends nor did I know any places to hang out except for the famous Sukhumvit strip. I want to share my experience of expat’s life in Bangkok to make it easier for other expats or travelers planning to move or travel to Bangkok.”

Manny Kukreja
Manny Kukreja, Founder of Bangkok Expat Life.

It is a good thing to live in Thailand because it is a land of everything you want as an expat such as exceptional national parks, historical attractions, nature reserves, interesting beach islands, affordable restaurants and hotels, astonishing natural landscapes and lots more. In addition, Thailand is rich in cultural heritage. Furthermore, the indigenes of Thailand are friendly and good at welcoming foreigners to their country.

Thailand is a Suitable Destination for Expats

In view of the fact that Thailand is a land of milk and honey, we can find different types of expat communities here, from business owners, professionals to students. Expats living in Thailand can afford to a relaxed way of life because they are attracted to the lifestyle in the country.

Just like living in any foreign land, every expat may experience difficulties every now and then. While visa regulations can be cumbersome, land and property ownership is quite not possible. Apart from these problems, you are assured of an interesting lifestyle in Thailand, if you are ready to face such problems.

This is just a taste of what you will learn at You don’t need to hire any travel agency or consultant who will collect huge money from you to learn about living in Bangkok. You will learn many things about Bangkok via the website, including cost of living, climate, language, expat jobs, career opportunities, hang out places and other important facts expats ought to know about living in Thailand, all for FREE.

Street Market - Jess Tura Photography
Street Night Market

Are you already an expat living in Bangkok or still planning to move to Thailand? Visit today to learn all you need to know about expat life in Bangkok!

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