Cold weather causes death of two men in Chiang Mai


Cold weather causes death of two men in Chiang Mai

Two men were found dead after being exposed to cold weather overnight in Hang Dong and Saraphi districts of Chiang Mai on Sunday, reported Thai PBS.

The report quoted the wife of the victim saying that her husband Mr. Tossaphol Tha-in, 39, was wearing only shorts and stayed up late watching TV on the ground floor.

“She woke up at six and found her husband lying dead on the tiled floor. Police found no traces of wounds on the victim’s body and assumed that he died of sudden heart failure after long exposure to cold weather,” the report added.

On another incident in Tambon Yang Noeng, Mr. Suraphan Busawan, 40, was also found lying dead in his bedroom; he’s also wearing only shorts. Earlier on Saturday night, Suraphan reportedly drank heavily before going to bed.

No signs of foul play which would suggest he might have been assaulted according to police and overexposure to cold weather was assumed to be the cause of his death, the report added.


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