Teacher training in Thailand
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Educational innovation to be discussed in a teacher training workshop on March 20

A one-day Teacher Training Workshop will be held on Sunday, March 20, 2016 at AES Meeting Hall at the Ekamai International School compound in Bangkok.

With the theme “Educational Innovation (The 21st Century Challenge)”, the workshop aims to share “hands-on & minds-on experiences of teaching and learning”.

Certificate recognized by Khurusapha or the Teachers Council of Thailand will be given to participants which can be used to renew or obtain a permanent teaching license in the Kingdom according to the announcement posted on Facebook.

Registration is 500 Baht.

For more information, you may contact Dr. Tess Zarate at 0851571910.

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For interested teachers teaching in Thailand:


Sharing of hands-on & minds-on experiences of teaching and learning.


In this seminar, we pay attention to school and classroom activities. We awaken the craft of teaching. The program builds on the skills of the speakers and participants from their own experience as they share it during the program. We shift from seeking answers to finding key questions that transform the way we see (and respond to) our educational challenges.


Take a close look at the information below and please p.m. me if you are interested. Thanks.

Teacher training in Thailand