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Filipino students excel in Thailand

Last month we published a story of Ghio Reyes, a Filipino grade 2 student who topped an English proficiency test in Nakhon Pathom. It turned out that not only Ghio topped the test, there are five other Filipino students who topped the Sermpanya English Proficiency Test in their schools and respective provinces.

Here are the stories of Zaijon Zac Nave, Sofia Marde Louise Jaranilla, Joshua Kobe Tanato and sisters Amaris Martha and Alexandria Monique Embile.

Zaijon Zac Nave

1st Place at Joseph Upatham School (Grade 3)

1st in Nakhon Pathom Province

18th in Thailand

Aside from topping the Sermpanya English Proficiency Test 2019, Zaijon Zac Nave has already brought home trophies and medals from PAMA Thailand (Quick Thinking  English Competition) in 2017 (1st place) and 2018 (2nd place).

PAMA is also a nationwide competition covering different subjects. Originally from Cagayan de Oro City, Zac has been in Thailand for four years. Her mom Kristine is a teacher while his dad Mark is an international sales representative. Like Ghio who is his friend and neighbor, Zac is also fond of hosting his own vlog.

Sofia Marde Louise Jaranilla

1st at Metapaht Primary School (Grace 1), Nakhon Ratchasima

1st at district and in the region

12th in Thailand

Sofia Marde Louise Jaranilla is a grade one student at Metapaht Primary School in Nakhon Ratchasima where her family lives. Her parents, Edmar and Ma. Josefa Jaranilla, are both educators. She also has two other siblings named Francesca Dominique & Sebastian Alfonzo Miguel. Her parents have been living in Thailand for 13 years. The family is from Bacolod City, Philippines.

Joshua Kobe Tanato

1st at Phichit Province (Grade 6)

1st at Northern Region

5th in Thailand

Joshua Kobe Tanato is a grade 6 student in Phichit Province. He was recognized by the provincial government of Pichit for topping the Sempanya English Proficiency Test 2019.

Amaris Martha Salvador Embile

1st Place at Joseph Upatham School (Grade 6)

1st in Nakhon Pathom Province 2nd at district and 5th in the region

5th in Thailand

Amaris Martha Salvador Embile, 11, is the daughter of Darius Sigmund and Karen Jan Embile, CEO of DK Intertrade Worldwide Company. She is on her sixth grade at Joseph Upatham School in Nakhon Pathom.

Alexandria Monique Salvador Embile (Grade 12)

2nd Place at Joseph Upatham School (Grade 6)

2nd in Nakhon Pathom Province

2nd at district

15th in Thailand

Alexandria has been a role model to her younger sister Amaris. She is currently in Mathayom 4 and so far the only Filipino high school student who has topped the Sermpanya English Proficiency Test. Five years ago, Alexandria also champed in a nationwide Essay Writing competition.

Keep up the good work, Zac, Sofia, Kobe, Amaris and Alexandria!