Health minister vows to make marijuana economic crop in Thailand

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul promised to push for more relaxation on Thailand’s drug law in order to make marijuana a cash crop.

The Public Health Minister on Saturday visited a cannabis learning center in Bueng Kan province. He said in order to make cannabis production on par with the existing contracts, Thailand might have to have a central agency to collect the statistics of cannabis production and consumption. 

He also cited that medicinal herb such as cannabis extracts and medication is becoming popular in Thailand, saying many shops and restaurants are incorporating cannabis in their menus. 

Medical marijuana was legalized in 2019—albeit it is still very strictly controlled: limited to specifically licensed clinics and hospitals.

He once said legalization would be “a win-win for the Thai people because they can grow the plant, and it will benefit the economy.”

Source: NNT