Help in Nanay Aurora’s operation

Nanay Aurora Marfil used to live in Thailand for more than eight years with her two children who have been working as teachers. She was also taking care of her grandchild in Bangkok who has down syndrome. She went back to the Philippines to visit her other children when the pandemic started and her flight back to Thailand supposedly in March 2020 got cancelled. There were nationwide lockdowns both in the Philippines and Thailand. And though travel restrictions have been eased, the expenses back to Thailand (ASQ and COVID-19 insurance) are just above the family’s budget.

“It was in the middle of 2020 when our mother was brought to the hospital twice. Due to the pandemic it was difficult for my siblings to have her checked up in the hospital. It was  then when she started acting weird, removing her clothes, seeing things, behaving like a child and having mood swings,” daughter Melody Rafael, a teacher working under Nonthaburi English Project and freelance travel agent, posted on Facebook.

In November, Nanay Aurora could not walk on her own anymore. The family thought that it was just a mild stroke and she would be ok in no time. Until mid February 2021 when she couldn’t  open her mouth and refused to eat. 

After getting a CT scan, a tumor was found on her brain and medical intervention was immediately needed. “The tumor is large and it makes her arms and legs weak, and gives her hallucinations (seeing snakes and “higad” or hairy caterpillars),” added Melody. 

The hospital initially asked the family to prepare at least 350,000 pesos for her operation. The amount covers the hospital expenses and doctor’s fee.

“If you have a spare amount to share for my mom, please send your help to me and my siblings. This pandemic has made our burden and heart heavier because we are trapped and our resources are also limited. Any financial help and prayers for my mother are both appreciated.  We are praying for a miracle for Nanay, please join us.”

You may deposit any amount to any of the account numbers below and through the gogetfunding set up to help in Nanay Aurora’s hospital bills.

Kasikorn Bank
Melody Marfil-Rafael

BDO: 0085-0101579
Mildred Ann Marfil
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

BPI Express
Melody M. Rafael
swift code: BOPIPHMM

Gcash – 0905-778-4808
Marivic Torres

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