Iranian movie “Leila” screens in TK Park

TK Park is back this 2018 with its ‘Contemporary World Film Series’, movies that sure will bring you to another level of cinematic experience and opening 2018 is an Iranian movie, Leila, which will screen this February 10, 4pm.

Leila is a film directed by Dariush Mahrjui, and it talks about “how the most intimate of dramas can be portrayed with insight and intensity, minus intimate scenes or actions, which is the hallmark of Iran’s austere but world-renowned cinema.” The movie has been dubbed by the New York Times as “a gripping and beautifully acted film,” which goes to show why it has won numerous nominations and awards in Iran.

The story revolves around a deeply-in-love couple, Leila and Reza, who come from a modern and upper class families. When Leila learns that she cannot bear a child, Reza, Leila’s husband, has no problems about it but Reza’s mother, badly wants one, so Leila allows her husband to marry again as it’s permissible by Muslim law; only to find out the trouble this situation leads to.

The movie is somewhat of a woman-centered film, which is not common in Muslim states, most definitely in Iran.

The screening of ‘Leila’ is endorsed and supported by the Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bangkok. His Excellency Ambassador of Iran Mohsen Mohammadi will join the screening and introduce the film.

Ticket price is at 20 Baht for the One-Day Pass. The venue will open at 3:00 pm.

For reservations and ticket inquiries, you may email yuttinai@tkpark.or.th, or call TK Park at 02-257-4300.