Kris Aquino thanks Thai who returned her wallet


Kris Aquino thanks Thai who returned her wallet

The Philippine Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, who has also been dominating the Youtube space recently, was not spared by the honesty and kindness of a Thai while vacationing in Hong Kong, New Year 2018.

While Aquino was in Hong Kong together with sons Josh and Bimby, Aquino revealed that she left her wallet in a taxi and someone was kind enough to personally return it to her. On an Instagram post, Aquino posted “I went to Mass on my own, dropped my wallet in the taxi. These super nice people found my wallet on the floor and contacted me. The woman in the coat is from Thailand and she was the one who made the effort to personally return my wallet – her name is SIRIPORN CHUNG.”

In another Instagram post, the Queen of All Media shared her insights about being more responsible for the coming year. “…and let’s add another 2018 goal- to not be so dependent on @alvingagui, @jacksalvador and Bincai so that I’ll be more responsible about taking care of my things.”

Aquino, who is also a businesswoman, is the business partner of Thai celebrity Peach Pachara and has brought Potato Corner here in Thailand.


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