alse thailand secretariat 2023
L-R: Ms. Julie Caoile, Ms. Maria Gay Carrillo, Mr. John Aaron Gatdula, Mr. Albert Aujero, Mr. Dandrub Belleza, Ms. Jean Maire Granada, Ms. Evangeline Tan-Alvez

Meet the Ateneo OF-LIFE Secretariat 2023 Bangkok

Meet the Secretariat for the fourth batch of Ateneo Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship for Overseas Filipinos’ Leadership, Innovation, Financial Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship (Ateneo OF-LIFE LSE) in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

Ateneo OF-LIFE LSE is a 12-day empowerment program designed for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) which focuses on areas of leadership, financial literacy and social entrepreneurship.

This program started in Bangkok in 2018 with a group of community and business leaders, Philippine Ladies Group Foundation, PinoyThaiyo and with the support of the Philippine Embassy and the Department of Trade and Industry. Now, the new brood of secretariat are all Alumni of the first and second batches.

Ms. Evangeline Tan-Alvez

Cluster Head: Session Management

Lin is a postgraduate student and a mother of two. She is a Licensed Professional Educator and the Founding Volunteer of Service and Love Thailand. She is also a Campus Journalist and is a certified in Clinical and Organizational Psychology.  Lin was also the ALSE Bangkok Batch 98 CCT President.

Ms. Maria Gay Carrillo

Cluster Head: Admin: Documentation and BP Presentation

Gay is an Agriculture Technology Deployment Scientist, a Corn Breeder, a certified Career Development Coach, and a Teacher. She also holds a Doctoral Degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and a former officer and graduate of ALSE Bangkok Batch 98.

Mr. Albert Aujero

Cluster Head: Technical Management

Albert is a Leadership and Learning Development Professional in a Tech Company in Bangkok. He also manages a team of learning specialists in China and Malaysia. Albert is a father of two and a graduate of Industrial Automation Engineering Technology. He was CCT Officer and graduate of ALSE Bangkok Batch 98.

Ms. Julie Caoile

Session Management: Hosting and Facilitating

Julie is a Physics and Chemistry Teacher from Cordillera. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Education, major in Physics and is a Masters Degree student. She also studied Cross-Cultural Studies and a member of Mission Motivators International. Julie is also a graduate of ALSE Bangkok Batch 98.

Mr. Dandrub Belleza

Admin: Finance and Graduation

Dan is currently the International Business Manager of Double A 1991 PLC in Thailand, handling the countries in Central Asia, Central Africa, South Africa, Indian Ocean and South East Asia. He graduated with honor from University of the Philippines taking bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He belongs to the first batch of Bangkok graduates, the ALSE Bangkok Batch 75 CCT President, Batch 91 and 98 Secretariat Head.

Ms. Jean Maire Granada

Admin: Registration & Recruitment, Student Support

Jean has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Education. She is an aspiring entrepreneur and owns the UniqueChic online Shop. She also vlogs and creates content online. She is now an educator in Thailand and also a graduate of ALSE Bangkok Batch 98.

Mr. John Aaron Gatdula

Technical Training

Aaron is very inclined in entrepreneurial discussions and computer-related tasks. He is a goal-driven person. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of  Science in Mathematics minor in Computer Science in Universidad de Manila. He was a former Computer, Math and English teacher for lower and upper secondary at Thanyaburi School, Thailand; now he is a Computer – English grade school teacher at St. Francis Xavier School.