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MIAA determined not to renew MIASCOR over luggage pilferage

After the alleged baggage pilferage of an OFW from Canada, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) has now terminated its contract with MIASCOR Groundhandling Corporation for the loss of 82,000PHP worth of items at Clark International Airport.

According to a GMA News Online report, MIAA General Manager Eddie V. Monreal has already sent a written notice, dated January 19, addressed to MIASCOR President Fidel Herman Reyes, to remove themselves from the airport complex and its terminal within 60 days.

Also said in the same notice, the two parties’ 3-year-old lease and concession agreement “expired on March 31, 2017 and are now on a month-to-month contract”. The said written notice was received by MIASCOR past 1pm of January 19, Friday.

Six MIASCOR employees have been charged with theft over the said incident.

According to a follow up article by GMA News, the Malacanang said that MIASCOR’s request for reconsideration would still not be granted by the President, according to spokesman Roque. MIASCOR is trying to appeal its over 4,000 affected employees in regards to the termination of its contract.

However, according to Roque, qualified MIASCOR personnel will be absorbed by other existing ground handlers. “The fact is the jobs are there so these will be filled up either by new hires or qualified staff from MIASCOR.”

Roque further reiterated and assured the travelling public that there will be no service interruption following the President’s decision.

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