Ministry of Public Health advises public to keep eye on their health this winter

The Thai Ministry of Public Health is advising the general public to keep an eye on their health in winter as familiar flu-like symptoms could be from Covid-19. Such concerns were also echoed by The Department of Disease Control as an increase in such common cold and flu cases could signal the possible spread of the novel coronavirus.

It further warns that those who are experiencing fevers, coughs, sore throats, respiratory symptoms, or a loss of taste or smell after visiting a crowded area, should immediately put on a mask, and seek medical attention.

The Ministry also is warning everyone to be careful when handling possible virus-contaminated parcels after concerns have grown over reports in other countries indicating Covid-19 has been found on packages. They stress the public to wash hands after handling any parcels and clean the packaging with alcohol when possible. Those who are receiving the parcel from a delivery person should also wear a mask to prevent the possible spreading of the virus if present.

This article is taken from The Thaiger

Photo: Jenny Mortera