New traffic fines cost 200 to 1,000 baht

A complete roster of fines issued by the Royal Thai Police for violations of the Land Traffic Act of 1979 was published in the Royal Gazette on Wednesday.

The fines are in the amounts of 200, 400, 500 and 1,000 baht and cover all kinds of vehicles.

Violations include failure to comply with the law regarding vehicle condition, use of headlights and horns, compliance with traffic signs and signals and observation of speed limits and other rules.

Subject to the heaviest fines of 1,000 baht are vehicles emitting excessive noise and fumes, and vehicles loaded with explosives or hazardous objects but failing to display warning signs. 

Taxi drivers failing to take passengers by the quickest route to a destination, or failing to take them all the way, will also face 1,000-baht fines. 

The schedule of fines for other traffic offences includes: 

– Driving without a driving licence or unable to show one when asked (200 baht)

– Reckless driving or obstructing traffic (400 baht)

– Failing to stop or keep left on seeing an emergency vehicle (400 baht)

– Breaking the speed limit (500 baht)

– Driving a vehicle without licence plates (500 baht)

– Failing to comply with traffic signs on roadsides (500 baht)

– Disobeying traffic lights (500 baht)

– Driving on roadside pavements (500 baht) 

– Use of mobile phones while driving without auxiliary equipment (500 baht)

– Parking or leaving stalled vehicles to obstruct traffic (500 baht)

This article is taken from Bangkok Post