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Nonthaburi FilCom organizes Food Pack Project anew for kababayan affected by COVID-19

The Filipino Community in Nonthaburi (FCN) has already started its new Food Pack Project to help kababayan affected by COVID-19. FCN successfully organized a fund raising campaign during the first wave of pandemic. Nonthaburi Province is home to more or less 500 teachers working under the Chulalongkorn University and Ramkhamhaeng University English projects, and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) project. Others work in private schools all over the province.

Good Day Mga-KaFCN,

It is in great sadness that we are back in this trying and difficult situation. The pandemic is far from over, it rested for a while and now it’s coming back with a vengeance.

Our strength, courage and resilience is once again being tested and challenged by this pandemic.

The government has given out directives and advisory and we all have to adhere to these regulations and guidelines.  We also need to consider the effect of these to our people “Pinoys.” Businesses are being closed, some hours have been reduced and others remained shut down.

The schools have been closed as early as the 2nd week of December. For those teachers continuing their classes online, its great at least they still have work and salary. But for those who again are placed in no work no pay basis, this is a great problem again in our community. Not to forget those entertainers and musicians who never got back their old jobs, working and trying to get by in gigs but now all gigs are also prohibited.  So we’re back to square one.

We are far stronger and greater with this COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic… this pandemic cant crash our will, fighting spirit and resilience. We have fought fair and square and survived the first wave. Together we will be able to see the end of the road as well.

So, today I am again knocking on your hearts, the end of the road has been just a mirage, there’s still a long and winding road up ahead of such, and we need to walk through it all together.

For donation and help, you can send your cash donations to:

Bank: Thai Military Bank (TMB)
Bank Account: 014-2-96530-0
Account Name: Juan Carlos Dilan

Any amount will do, may we request for you to post transfer slip for transparency purposes.

Let us hold hands and spread our wings of kindness. Our constituents need our help again.  We are dearly calling all our UFT COVID-19 Coordinators  and committees to once again help us by sharing this post and in surviving the 2nd wave of this pandemic.

We would highly appreciate any help you can give us.

Thank you all so much Ka-FCN for your continued help and assistance.

God bless, Stay Safe and Healthy!

Juan Carlos “Jaycee” Dilan
Filipino Community in Nonthaburi

Photos: Jaycee Dilan