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PHL Cooperative Development Authority touches down in the kingdom

Sweet things often come in threes. In celebration, we shout three cheers. In fairytales, the genie grants three wishes. In contests, judges award the top three competitors. In classic stories, we read about three Little Pigs (not Peppa), three Bears, and three Billy Goats Gruff.

Magic number or not, the power of three of Mr. Elias Laberez – Asst. Regional Director of CDA Calamba, Mrs. Rowena Fruto- , Field Officer of CDA Calamba and Mrs. Israelita Almendral- MyUCo-op Liaison Officer were in full throttle leading out the “Basic Co-operative Education Seminar” in Aug. 29 – 30, 2015 in Muangthong Thani, Nonthaburi.

MyUniversecity Co-operative hosted the coming of three important guests from the Cooperative Development Authority of the Republic of the Philippines, following up the highly successful launching three months earlier. All told, more than three-fourths of the regular members attended the “ history in the making “of the MyU!

Mr. Lyndon D. Roque, the president of MyUCo-op, enthusiastically welcomed all the guests and members who came from far and near to attend the “Pre-seminar membership for OFWs in Thailand”. On Saturday eve and Sunday morning, Mr. Elias Laberez ( Sir Ely) explained expertly the General Concepts of Co-operative; Co-operative Principles; Types and Purposes of Co-operative; Objectives, Powers and Capacities of Co-operative; Organizational Structure of Co-operative; and Responsibilities, Rights and Privileges of Co-operative. Although his presentation was quite tedious, everyone was entertained with his timely punch lines. After which, Mrs. Rowena Fruto (Ma’am Weng) oriented the Board of Directors (BOD) on all specific requirements and processes to be able to get full recognition from the government. Specifically, she talked on issues of CDA registration requirements – BIR – Local Govt. Unit – Coop office – and making annual reports. On Sunday afternoon, the resource speakers, Mr. Elias Laberez and Mrs. Rowena Fruto spoke to the BOD on the essentials of good governance.

According to Mr. Ely, “CDA is the sole government agency that regulates co-operatives in the country. At present, there are about 25,000 co-operatives registered with the agency”.

Today, MyUCo-op is strongly determined to be one of the prime movers of the Philippines’ Co-operative Movement, being the first affiliate of Thailand-based CDA, Philippines . Moreover, MyUCo-op is a leading advocate in the Kingdom of Thailand in empowering or providing opportunities to Filipino OFW’s, thus, it aims at augmenting their respective family income.

All of these ‘achievements’ are made possible because MyUCo-op stands firm to its commitment- to extend the best service to its members and that each member will be proud of being a part of MyUCo-op. Through good governance by its able BODs, MyUCo-op is poised to continue its active participation as a co-operative and as a partner of the government in progress and economic development of OFWs in the kingdom.

Like immigrants in a new country, a new co-operative goes through stages of growth and phases of adjustment. On its rookie year, the founding members of the co-operative can proudly say that they too have bitten the bullet and have been persistent in bringing the young co-operative to where it is now. One of the highlights of the gen­eral meeting is the update of the First Quarter Profit Share and Patronage Re­fund to the members/owners of the co-operative. Currently, the co-operative is continually seeking ways to expand its sourc­es of income.

How does one build and grow a co-operative? Much can be learned from successful co-­operatives in the Philippines as shared by the able speakers. Successful co-operatives invariably have of­ficers and managers who value integrity in its dealings and who are supported by an engaged membership. Successful co-op­eratives are sensitive to the needs of its members; they seek to respond to those needs and expand its membership. Successful co-operatives are on the lookout for business opportunities to grow its net worth and members’ shares. Firmly anchored in its communi­ties, successful co-operatives give back and are actively involved in building not only itself but the community as well.

As of press time, “There are 82 bona fide members of MyU”, says the Registrar Ms. Aloha Pagaduan. For those who want to be part owner and member of this grow­ing organization, please contact any BOD members. For more details, please visit our website:

“The MyU family is very grateful to our guests in helping us make great strides!” says Prexy Lyndon in his closing remarks.

by Dr. Paul Pascua