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Pinay teacher receives Best Teacher Award from her school

Anna Michelle Mutuc, an English teacher from the Philippines was awarded “The Best Teacher Award” in 2015. The award was handed to her by the Mayor of Nonthaburi during the Banrakpasa Multi-Skills Competition.

Banrakpasa School is one of the top language schools in Thailand. Mutuc has been working in Thailand since 2006 teaching English as a Second Language in different schools.

She was always assigned to train students for speech contests, ONET Exam and other English skills competitions. Under her tutelage, two of her former students won gold and a few silver awards in district, regional and national level competitions.

Looking back on her remarkable journey in the Land of Smiles, Teacher Rachelle as she is fondly called by her friends, posted this on her Facebook account.

Before I left Anubarn Surin, I trained Pimploy Ngamsaard 8 years ago for speech contest. I made all her 15 speeches and practiced her pronunciation, luckily she got the first rank all over Thailand (got the 2nd rank when they mixed government and international schools). Right Ms. Kavalyitgor Kalara?

And then I moved to Wat Prangern School. Before I left Wat Prangern School, We got the 2nd rank place in ONET exam in my first year of service and got the 1st rank in my third year out of 64 schools (knowing they only had 19% score in English😭before I came there) My best student also managed to get the gold medal in speech contest out of 64 schools. Right Boss Wanla Kongtham?

Then I was moved to Wat Soonthorn School. Before I left Wat Soontorn School. My student managed to get gold medal in speech contest again, out of 44 schools. Knowing I just worked there for 9 months due to government reshuffling. Right Ms. Saow Thongsawad?

Now, It is indeed so challenging what to contribute to Bangkulad school before I go.

And Thanks to Banrakpasa for the first Filipino teacher award “The best teacher award”. Mukkarin Huang

I may not be perfect BUT I’m trying my very best.

Congratulations again, Teacher Rachelle!