Pinoy Padyakers Celebrate 123rd Philippine Independence Day

Two groups of different types of cycling celebrated the Philippine 123rd Independence Day this weekend. The first group planned on a 123 km ride, in honor of the independence day, yesterday, June 12, 2021. They ended up riding 126 km around Bangkok area. Having done myself around 130 km, this isn’t an easy feat.

Today, June 13, 2021, a group of mountain bikers accumulated as a group more or less 123 km. It drizzled a little making the route more “exciting.” Of course, the group’s concern is safety first. They take several precautions by wearing extra safety gear and assuring no one is left behind.

Both rides are good ways to know our kabayans in a foreign land. If you are interested in joining these groups, there is a Padyakers Pinoy TH group that some of those featured in the picture are members of. Please feel free to join the group and reach out!

Happy Independence Day Philippines! God bless and mabuhay!