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Premature baby of OFW teachers in need of financial assistance

Filipino teachers in Thailand Christopher Lamprea and Dolly Manipon-Lamprea, are going great lengths to support the medical expenses of baby Mira Malaika Lamprea, who was born 2 months prematurely at the Phayathai 3 Hospital along Phetkasem Road, last July 9, 2018. Dolly was rushed to the emergency room after experiencing contractions and eventually premature labor.


Just a couple of days before she was brought to the hospital, Dolly was already spotting. When brought to the hospital, baby Mira’s left arm and umbilical cord already came out first, thus an emergency C-section operation was needed to take the premature baby out. Baby Mira is currently in the  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the said hospital, where bills are growing at a steady rate due to machines and medical instruments being used.


Furthermore, Dolly is also suffering another heartbreak as her father, Tatay Danilo, just recently passed away due to enlargement of the heart, leaving the family in great financial burden.

If you wish to send any financial assistance to the family, a GoFundMe page has been set up for pledges internationally, or if you are in Thailand, you may directly deposit your financial donations to the account below.


Bank Transfer (Krungsri)

Ernest Christopher Lamprea

Account number: 4501088424


Western Union Money Transfer

Ernest Christopher Lamprea

99 Bangbon 3, Bangbon Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10150


GoFundMe page: