Pursuing passion: Coffee and tea and more in between

For those that do not know me, I arrived in Thailand 35 years ago. I started my career as a Management teacher at ABAC, moved on to the corporate world in consortiums, banking, oil and gas and telecommunications. 

Eventually moved to business having established an international school, property development company, health and beauty company offering natural and organic products and finally, moved to my passion – coffee and tea.  All within the span of 30 years or so.

For those thinking it is too late to start something completely new later in life, think again.

When the pandemic started I had more time doing what I love and now loving what I do. Being a YouTube content creator has never entered even my wildest imagination. In fact, I was not even into YouTube before I started creating content for people to watch.

2 years and 3 months on, I have reached a significant YouTube milestone, achieving 100K subscribers. I have also written 2 books, ‘All Things Milk Tea’ and ‘The Basic Barista’.  The first books you should read if you are planning to start a coffee or tea business or if you are already in the business and want to know more. The books were written for home and business – with tips, recipes and techniques that are simple, cost-effective and ingredients that are easy to find. I have been providing consulting services to countless entrepreneurs wanting to start their business in the coffee and tea industry from all over the world – made possible with Zoom!

The last couple of years have been a struggle for many – me included. I took it as a perfect opportunity to ‘work-from-home’ and turned my passion into something that I have enjoyed doing. I am fortunate that I have reached a stage in my life where I no longer have to do what I have to do, rather what I enjoy doing. Needless to say, it is not without hard work, determination, blood, sweat, tears and lots of prayers!

So, to all my fellow Filipinos here in Thailand, here I am. Older, wiser and a full-pledged author and YouTuber. I am now officially a Jill of all trades – master (mistress – I hate the word) of coffee and tea – amongst others 😉  

I have a long way to go but one thing is for sure. I am happy I decided to pursue my passion, Coffee and Tea. A passion I have been able to develop and enhance over the years.

I supposed I have earned the right to say; ‘Been there, done that’. Instead I will say here and now; ‘What’s next?’

May this story inspire those of you who are at a crossroad or those uncertain what the future brings. 

“Do not judge your success by the harvest you make but by the seeds you plant.’ 

Love to all. To God be the glory.

Riza Sripetchvandee

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