Bernice Flynn and the jeepney accident
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Road accident story inspires many netizens

A certain Bernice Aspillaga shared an inspiring story on Tuesday, February 23 on her social media accounts. The story made her day, as well as those who had read it.

The story started when she rammed a passenger jeepney due to lack of sleep. She admitted that she had fallen asleep while driving which she promised to never do it again. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident.

Although the jeepney driver was nearly hit as can be seen on the image, it did not anger him at all. The driver, Flynn, calmly helped Bernice in settling the issue with the jeepney owner, Mr. Almazan.

There was no shouting nor threatening on both sides, but instead an assurance from Flynn that Mr. Almazan is a kind-hearted person. This made the supposedly and usually heated atmosphere tone down as Bernie and the owner agreed for the initial P8,000 compensation for the jeepney repair. Bernie also agreed to be in touch if she needs to pay more. She also gave some cash to Flynn for the hassle she caused him.

About three days after the accident she received a text message from Flynn telling her that there is an excess of P1,100 from the P8,000 she gave for the repair, and that she could have it back anytime. Bernice could not believe the message. She called Flynn telling him that he could keep the money. With hesitation, Flynn handed the phone to the owner. Bernice confirmed to the owner that Flynn could have the money. The owner thanked her and even asked about her car.

“That message and conversation I had with them totally #mademyday yesterday. It has brought a #smile on my face and a #warmfeeling in my heart,” Bernice wrote as she ended the story.

As of posting, the story has 1,396 shares on Facebook. Commenters feel blessed and inspired as they salute Flynn, Mr. Alamazan, and Bernie for a story that ended well which could turn into heated argument or possibly deadly shooting on street.

Thanks, Bernice, for sharing your story!

Here’s the transcript of Bernice’s post in her Facebook and Instagram accounts:

Please read on because this is a good story that I just have to share.

Last Friday I had the unfortunate incident of ramming my car into a passenger jeepney. And why did I ram my car? I fell asleep. Yes I know. Very, very stupid of me. And I vowed to myself that I will never ever do that again. I am okay. I was not hurt and I did not hurt anyone. And I thank my guardian angel for that. But that’s not my story. The driver of the jeep that I rammed into is my story.

So when the accident happened, I woke up, disoriented and shocked to see my car hit the back left side of a passenger jeep. The driver then calmly stepped out and asked me what happened. I told him the truth. He then called the owner of the jeepney he drives for. Right then and there he said, ‘Puntahan natin ang mayari para maareglo natin ito. Huwag kang magalala mabait yung mayari. ‘ So we went and I spoke to the owner. The owner and I had a calm conversation and I offered right away that I will give P8,000 for the damages I caused. He thankfully accepted the money and he said he will be in touch if I need to add more. I also gave a bit of cash to the driver for the hassle that I caused him.

Well, here’s the clincher. Last night, I got a text message from the driver. His name is Flynn, by the way. Flynn messaged me that there is P1,100 left from the P8,000 I gave them to repair their jeep. And that I could pick up the money anytime when I am free. I had to read the message over to make sure I understood what he sent. He even apologized for the hassle that this will cause me. I then called him up and said that’s it’s okay. He can keep the money. He sounded hesitant to accept the money so he handed the phone over to the owner, Mr. Almasan. I told the owner that Flynn can have the money and that it is no problem at all. The owner then thanked me and even asked the condition of my car.

That message and conversation I had with them totally #mademyday yesterday. It has brought a #smile on my face and a #warmfeeling in my heart. This just goes to show that despite the #badthings that are happening around us, we can still find #kindness and #goodness in people. So I salute you #FlynnObnimagaturno.