Royal Thai Police open cybercrime center to receive online complaints

The Royal Thai Police have established a center for receiving cybercrime complaints, in conjunction with 21 banks.

National Police Commander Pol Gen Suwat Jangyodsuk said a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between his agency, the Association of Government Financial Institutions, the Thai Bankers’ Association and 21 bank members to support the newly created center in its crime suppression efforts.

According to Pol Gen Suwat, complaints can now be made online at He noted, however, that before submitting a complaint, users must complete all relevant processes – including identity verification and filling out an incident data report – before receiving a case ID. Before an investigation can begin, users must also submit their complaint and case ID to web administrators and case managers.

The national police chief said the platform will shorten wait times at police stations, eliminate repetitive activities and expedite the process by which banks may be told to cancel illicit financial transactions. Officers will also benefit from the system as it will enable them to correlate criminal activity across multiple jurisdictions and expedite the acquisition of arrest warrants.

The center was launched with 8,383 trained administrators and case managers, 10,487 investigators and 12,305 officers ready to serve the public.

Source: NNT