Schoolgirl slapped for not standing up during national anthem

A 15-year-old schoolgirl was slapped in the face by a nationalist who got angry when the girl did not stand up for the national anthem at a train station in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province.

On Tuesday, a woman dressed in red approached the girl at 6pm after the national anthem ended and attacked her. Others intervened to prevent the violence from getting worse.

The girl’s family, who arrived to take her home, learned that the assailant was a food vendor at the station. The vendor admitted that she slapped the schoolgirl because the girl did not stand up for the national anthem.

The family subsequently lodged a complaint with the police, asking them to arrest the woman for assault. They explained that the girl was on her period and therefore decided not to stand up during the anthem.

The incident sparked widespread criticism online.

This article is taken from The Nation Thailand