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Send Help, Save Lives – Thailand FILCOM fundraising campaign for Taal Volcano evacuees

We have seen on TV, social media and perhaps through our relatives’ narration the wrath of Taal Volcano — spewing of ash, volcanic earthquake and lava flow. As of writing, 38,000+ have already evacuated to schools and other relocation centers. It is still unsure how long will they stay in evacuation centers and help is very much needed.

In this regard, a group of FILCOM leaders is knocking on your kind hearts for any monetary help and any donation to evacuees. All your help and support will be directly sent to affected individuals.


Your monetary donation will be used to buy the following :

  • Ready to eat food like canned food, bread, etc
  • Personal hygiene products like tissue paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, shampoo in sachets, wipes, etc
  • Clothing
  • Sleeping materials like foam, blanket, pillow
  • Face masks
  • Bottled water

Send your donation to:

Association of Filipinos in Thailand (AFT) Kasikorn Bank 046-2-67916-5

Any amount you can give will be used in helping the affected evacuees. Please post the deposit/transfer slip on the comment section for transparency.

Mabuhay ang mga nagkakaisang Pilipino!