St. Roberts holds research presentation for MAT and PHD candidates

27 students from St Roberts Global Education gave their best shot last March 25-26 as they pitched their proposals and final oral defense to the panelists for their research paper.

4 Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PHD), 7 Master of Arts in Teaching Major in Early Childhood Education (MAT-ECE) and 16 Master of Arts in Teaching Major in English (MAT-Eng) were all prepared to present and defend their individual topics in research. Topics ranged from propagation of vocabulary inside the classrooms, parenting styles of Thais and even the effects of English movies in teaching, were discussed by the researchers in their proposal and some were ready to tackle on their discoveries during the data gathering. The panelists in this 2-day educational activity were all there not just to critique, but also to guide and strengthen the papers presented.

Research is a vital key to education as it examines current issues or observations faced by the researchers themselves. According to qualitative researcher Leann Zarah of, it is a tool for building knowlegde and efficient learning and it is a means to understand various issues, may it be inside ones locality or be it in a bigger scope.