Survey in Thailand shows teenagers favor unprotected intercourse on Valentine’s Day

A recent survey by the Department of Health Service Support (HSS) showed teenagers favor having unprotected intercourse as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations. The department also stressed the importance of providing proper sexual education to youths.

The survey, with a sample size of 1,000 participants aged 12-18, indicated that 88.9% of respondents said they intended to consume alcoholic beverages on the romantic holiday and were hoping to perform intercourse afterwards. The poll also said 68.2% of those surveyed were considering having unprotected sex on Valentine’s Day, while 40% said having experiencing intimacy on such a day was to be expected. 39.1% said they planned to lose their virginity on Valentine’s Day.

The survey reflects a common belief among teenagers that drinking alcohol leads into sexual intercourse. The HSS explained that alcoholic beverages negatively affect the brain’s functions, slowing down movement and critical decision-making processes. This can ultimately lead to having unprotected sex, contracting sexual transmitted illnesses and even unplanned pregnancy.

Additionally, the department said gatherings on the occasion will likely increase the chance of spreading COVID-19.

The HSS has called for all sides to raise awareness and provide teens with appropriate sex education and information. Safe sex, contraceptives and teen pregnancies are among the most essential concerns. The department also said sex is a responsibility and should only happen when an individual is ready.

Source: NNT