Temporary closure of certain places and travel restrictions to ease COVID-19 situation in Thailand

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has issued Announcement No. 36 to close certain venues in Bangkok, while more measures are also put in place for travel restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19.

In the Announcement No. 36, to be effective from 12 July 2021 onwards, food or beverage shops may sell food and beverages for takeaway only. The consumption of food, drinks, as well as liquor and alcoholic beverages in the shops is prohibited, and the shops may open for service until 20.00 hr.

Department stores, shopping centers, and community malls will be closed, except for supermarkets, shops selling necessary items (including tools and construction materials), maintenance and repair shops, banks, financial institutions, pharmacies, communication service shops, post offices, and venues for vaccination or other medical and health services, which may stay open until 20.00 hr.

Convenience stores, night markets, overnight markets, and walking streets may open until 20.00 hr. As for convenience stores, they must stop operating from 20.00 to 04.00 hr of the following day.

Public parks, sports grounds, sports fields, and open-air exercise places may open until 20.00 hr.

Traditional Thai massage and foot massage parlors, spas, beauty clinics, and health establishments will be closed. Hair salons and barber shops may open but they must comply with disease preventive measures and conditions announced previously.

The organizing of group activities with more than five people is prohibited. Schools, educational institutions, and training venues must follow measures announced earlier.

Any persons who violate or fail to comply with this announcement may be guilty of an offence under Section 52 of the Communicable Disease Act B.E. 2558 (2015) and shall be liable to imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 100,000 baht, or both. Moreover, they may be guilty of an offence under Section 18 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations B.E. 2548 (2005) and shall be liable to imprisonment for up to two years or a fine of up to 40,000 baht, or both.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has suspended air travel between 21.00 and 04.00 hr, in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 for passengers and personnel involved. The suspension is effective from 12 July 2021 onwards until further notice. People have also been urged to avoid interprovincial travel during this time.

Source: PR Thai Government
Photo: Bangkok Post