Thai Cabinet approves special tourist visa for long-stay visitors

Below is the official press release on the Special Tourist Visa for Long-Stay Visitors from Thailand’s Public Relations Department.

The Cabinet, during its meeting on 15 September 2020, approved a special tourist visa for long-stay visitors who agree to go through a 14-day state quarantine, or alternative state quarantine, as well as hospital quarantine.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, which proposed the special tourist visa, was told to discuss the issue in detail with the Ministry of Interior and other relevant agencies.

The proposal aims to help Thailand’s tourism industry, which has been affected by the COVID-19 situation. Thailand earned at least two trillion baht a year from international tourist arrivals before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Long-stay visitors wanting to stay in Thailand are required to show evidence of their payment for hotels they will stay at, or condominium units, after the quarantine. They must agree to comply with measures set by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.

This visa will allow them to stay in Thailand for 90 days. It can be renewed twice, for 90 days each time. The special tourist visa will cost 2,000 baht.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports stated that Thailand has been able to effectively handle the COVID-19 situation, and that it is recognized as one of the safe destinations in the world. Many groups of foreigners with high purchasing power intend to stay for a long period of time in Thailand with their families.

The Government will begin to open up for long-stay tourists in the areas where the spread of COVID-19 has been prevented and controlled.

This article is from Thailand Public Relations Department