Blazing Pinoy

Three Pinoy dance groups arrive in Thailand for international dance competition

MAD RUSH, one of the Philippines’ contestants in a dance contest sponsored by Seacon Square in Thailand will be arriving today. They will be in Thailand from September 8-11 during the contest and will be extending their stay for another week.

The Philippines has three hip hop dance groups to compete. Aside from MAD Rush, other Pinoy groups include Monism and Dauntless.

“Seacon Street Int’l Challenge: The Princess Cup”  will be participated in by 10 dance groups from seven countries. The qualifying round will be on September 10 from 3:00 pm onwards while the final round will be on September 11 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

Here is the list of the teams.

Lady Bounce (Korea)
Monism (Philippines)
Mr.Pop (Taiwan)
Laobangfa (Laos)
VN Team (Vietnam)
Natural Born Poppers (Korea)
M.A.D Rush (Philippines)
RJVN (Malaysia)
Dauntless Republic (Philippines)

Below is the schedule of events.

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