1 COVID-19 case found in Phuket

Health officials are waiting for the results of a second test to confirm whether or not the parent is infected, Dr Thanit told The Phuket News on Tuesday afternoon, December 22. 

The news broke when the management team of the Kajonkiet School Group issued a notice this afternoon titled “One parent tested positive for COVID”.

The notice reads (verbatim):

“Kajonkiet School Group was unofficially contacted by the officer of Phuket Provincial Public Health Office at 2:00 p.m. to inform us that one parent of primary student of Kajonkietpattana School had a positive COVID test (Phuket Lab). We are now awaiting for the 2nd result of verification from Department of medical sciences this afternoon.

“The management would like to announce the closure of teaching and learning at Kajonkietpattana School from 23 – 24 December 2020 (Since 25 December 2020 is start of the holiday following the school calendar). For the school opening date, this will be announced later.

“At this time, the student of the parent has been tested for COVID. They are awaiting for the results. If there is progress or there is a need to monitor the co-students and class teachers. The school will coordinate with the parents who concerned as soon as possible.”

The notice was marked as issued by the “Kajonkiet School Group Management Team” and marked as “Announced on the 22th December 2020 at 02.45pm.”

The popular Kajonkietpattana School is located on Chao Fa East Rd in Wichit. In total, the Kajonkiet School Group hosts a student body of approximately 5,000 children, the group’s website notes.

PPHO Chief Dr Thanit this afternoon confirmed the notice as accurate.

“Right now, the health investigation team is working on this case. Details will be released at 9pm tonight,” he told The Phuket News.

Dr Thanit declined to give further details.

However, Dr Thanit did dismiss rumours circulating online that a staffer at a Family Mart in the Soi Palai area was also infected with COVID-19.

“This is not true. No one in that area has been infected,” he said.

This article is taken from The Phuket News