12 Chinese, 2 Cambodians, 1 Filipino arrested over house party in Sattahip

12 Chinese, 2 Cambodians and a Filipino national were arrested at a house party in Sattahip on Monday, February 15.

The Huayyai Police was notified of the incident at 9:30 P.M. at a house in the Na Jomtien sub-district.

Law enforcement arrived at the house after a complaint from another resident where they proceeded to arrest 15 people who were identified as twelve Chinese nationals, one Filipino and two Cambodians.

Urine drug tests were conducted on them but no evidence of drugs was reportedly found.

However, the group is facing charges of offending the emergency decree for gathering which is due to concerns around having many people in a small place during the Covid – 19 pandemic and illegal entry and staying in Thailand, as well as overstaying.

Five of them reportedly were on overstay or had illegally entered Thailand.

The group all face the potential of extremely high fines and potential jail time. Police warn the public that gatherings and parties without social distancing, mask wearing, and not following other COVID-19 precautions are against the emergency decree.

Source: Pattaya News