“160 undocumented OFWs may come back home” – Sec Bello

A bilateral agreement on labour standards was signed by Philippine Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello and Saudi Labor Minister Ali al-Ghufays on April 11, Tuesday.

In line with President’s official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Secretary Bello mentioned to the Minister of Labor of Saudi that there are more or less 160 undocumented Filipino workers and Sec Belo requested the Minister to consider allowing them to return to the Philippines and to his surprise, the Minister responded positively during their conversation. This announcement was made by Sec Bello during a press conference where President Duterte mentioned his desire to bring home the undocumented workers. These OFWs were said to be victims of illegal recruitment.

Secretary Bello said that these victims can possibly come home as early as April 16, yet still is dependent on the speed of Saudi labour ministry’s processing. He has also encouraged these undocumented OFWs to apply for the amnesty program under Crowned Prince Muhammad bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Source: Manila Bulletin, Photo: OFWNewsfeed.com