Amazing Pinoy

200 Filipino paddlers join world’s biggest dragon boat racing championships in Thailand

With close to 200 pinoy paddlers, the Philippines has sent the biggest delegation of athletes in Philippine dragon boat history in Thailand on August 20-25, 2019.

The delegation composed of different groups under Philippine Dragon Boat Federation will be competing at the 14th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF). The event is considered as the biggest and most competitive dragon boat tournament in the world.

Groups include Philippine Army and PADS of Ceb; the PDBF Elite Team of the Philippine Air Force, the Philippine Army, the Philippine Coast Guard, the Philippine Navy and athletes from various civilian clubs under the PDBF.

More than 3,500 athletes from 30 countries are competing in different categories for five days.

The competition will be held in Marp-Parchan Reservoir, Pattaya-Rayong.

You can watch the event live at DragonBoat2019.

Aside for cheering, the athletes also need some financial support. Earlier in June, the Filipino Alliance in Rayong Thailand (FARTH) and Kababayan at Kapamilya sa Thailand (KKT) have started fundraising campaigns to help the athletes. The proceeds will be used to buy food for the athletes who have joined the event from their own pockets.

You may contact Ms. Laine Icaro (FARTH) and Ms. Jane Cabaya (KKT) for your monetary support and help.