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4,000+ Domestic Helpers get free magical Sundays in Hong Kong Disneyland

How about a free ticket, free meal, and free transport to Disneyland on a Sunday off?

A Magical Collaboration: Hong Kong Disneyland and Li Ka Shing Foundation

In a heartening collaboration, Hong Kong Disneyland and the Li Ka Shing Foundation have orchestrated a remarkable Sunday filled with laughters, joy, and entertainment for over 4,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

This extraordinary initiative aims to provide a well-deserved break and create unforgettable memories for the domestic helpers who are mostly foreign and are considered vital members of Hong Kong society.

Interactive Experience with the “Festival of the Lion King”

Going beyond the ordinary, Hong Kong Disneyland not only sponsored tickets and venue but also curated two exclusive performances of the beloved “Festival of the Lion King.” These special shows incorporated interactive elements, adding more magical memories to the overall experience and ensuring a day that would linger in the hearts of the attendees.

Li Ka Shing Foundation’s Support

On the part of The Li Ka Shing Foundation aside from sponsoring the tickets, it extended its generosity by sponsoring meals and arranging transportation making the experience much more seamless. Almost everything is provided for free for the domestic helpers truly allowing them to savor a unique Sunday off, away from their routine responsibilities.

The events unfolded on two consecutive Sundays, January 7 and 14, to accommodate the huge number of attendees.

Recognizing Unsung Heroes

Michael Moriarty, the managing director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL), acknowledged the significant role played by foreign domestic helpers in serving diverse families in the city.

Expressing gratitude, he particularly recognized the Filipino cast members of Disney, constituting the second-largest group within the Disneyland family.

A Tradition of Inclusivity: Li Ka Shing Foundation’s Ongoing Commitment

This isn’t the first time the Li Ka Shing Foundation has extended invitations to foreign domestic helpers for such heartwarming events. In January of the previous year, they welcomed 26,000 individuals, including domestic helpers, healthcare professionals, and personnel from welfare organizations, to enjoy free rides on the Hong Kong Observation Wheel and the carnival booth games.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, the foundation continued its inclusive initiatives by inviting 2,000 foreign domestic helpers to a movie screening.

Moreover, in 2021, 4,000 helpers were welcomed to the newly opened water park in Ocean Park, showcasing a commitment to creating moments of joy even amidst difficult circumstances.

The collaborative efforts of Hong Kong Disneyland and the Li Ka Shing Foundation have not only brought smiles and laughters to over 4,000 foreign domestic helpers but have also highlighted the significance of recognizing and appreciating the contributions of these unsung heroes in our society.

As we celebrate these heartwarming initiatives, let us be inspired to extend our kindness and support to those who make a difference in the lives of others every day.

Source: The Standard