Kitty Duterte claps back at haters

Presidential daughter Veronica “Kitty” Duterte is not only looks, but has that innate Duterte “palaban” attitude as she replied to some bashers on her personal Instagram account. Kitty has gone viral due to her intense and sharp words in reply to one of the comments on her posts.

The whole heat fumed from a comment by a certain lesliesocal on Instagram posting “tax payers vacation” together with a thinking and question mark emoji. This was during the time the president, together with his family travelled to Russia. This comment was not taken lightly by the young Duterte to which she replied in a series on exchanges.

“The president has important business there. He was working and we went with him. Nagtatrabaho at may sweldo sya. Kapal mo,” together accompanied with a middle finger emoji and tagging the said account, to which Leslisocal replied: “How illegitimate!! Just say you tag along to see the sight and a little R&R (rest and recreation). What’s wrong with that explanation and f*ck you too!! There’s no need for the bird, just say it! I’m sure your step sister @indaysaraduterte is loving your post… she should be there instead of YOU together with her mother instead of the president’s mistress!”

This reply fueled an intense comment from Kitty, dropping serious shade to the profanity-laced tirade. It did not end on Instagram as screenshots and websites featured the steamy exchange of words between the two. Some netizens even went forth to compare Kitty to her half-sister Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, who also has a tough mouth and image. The viral screenshots crossovered to Facebook where netizens shared their own two cents with the issue.

Source: pinoytrending